Camp Anderson

Since 2016, I have been running a small camp several days a week for my children and my friends’ kids in my backyard. I initially started Camp Anderson as a way to keep my kids engaged during the summer and to scratch my creativity/planning itch after resigning from my job as an elementary school teacher. Over the years, the camp has grown to include 8 families, and it has become one of the highlights of our year.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, Camp Anderson looks a lot different this year. We have created a little quarantine bubble with my sister’s family, so there are only 6 campers (my sister’s 3 kids and my 3 kids).

I’m determined to make this a fun and memorable summer for my children and my nieces, and I’d love to share activity ideas with you so that you can do the same for your children. I’ll do all the planning (because that’s my jam), and you can pick and choose activities that you think your children would enjoy.

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